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Self-Sufficient Living & Homesteading @ The Hive | Aug 6

Date(s) - 06/08/2016
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Homesteading Workshops 2016

Self-Sufficient Living & Homesteading

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August 6                1pm – 4:30 pm

Location:               The Hive, Leskard, Ontario

Come and learn how to live more self-sufficiently in your home and on your land either in the city or the country.  Ingrid Cryns, Eco-Architect, will introduce you to deep ecology, sustainability principles along with several innovative natural building examples of straw bale and earth buildings that will inspire you to live and build co-creatively with Nature using simple and essential methods that support gentle, low impact living on the Earth!


We will explore the following topics; Embodied Energy, Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Energy systems, Greenwashing, Permaculture, property selection tips, Passive Solar, Energy Efficiency, Natural Building (Earth, Straw, Cob, Clay, Wood, Cellulose & more), Food preservation methods and examples of small scale buildings for self-sufficient living such as a chicken coop, cold cellar, greenhouse, Tiny House projects, along with chicken & bee care.

Hosted by Ingrid Cryns, Eco Architect & her partner, Brad Ruelens, SSEF Farm Manager & Natural Builder

Click here for Registration @ The Hive, in Leaskard, Ontario  $49

The Hive is a Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Centre, just north east of Oshawa.