Body Soul Psychotherapy

​Healing the Heart, Mind & Soul

As a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, Ingrid supports individuals and couples to understand and heal the core roots of their issues.  With an expertise in relational and shock trauma with somatic/body based and transpersonal psychotherapy, Ingrid can help you transform yourself if you have anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, life change stresses, confused spirituality, despair & hopelessness, eco-grief and more. Ingrid is a fearless guide to help you find and re-claim the lost parts of yourself. Insurance Benefits coverage is available on request….CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Wild Earth Wisdom

Earth Wisdom Living Teachings

Wild  Earth Wisdom, offers new ways to inspire and empower people to live eco-spiritual and soul-filled lives in alignment with a conscious and thriving Earth.  This work is about how we can achieve a more resilient way of living by developing our inner and outer self-sufficient wilderness. By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with Nature. Through individual work, groups, workshops, retreats, and online teachings, we can grow and develop holistic, intuitive and inclusive ways of approaching life, our perceptions of self, others, and our Beloved Earth…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Soul Dream Collective

​A Sacred Earth Healing Community

Ingrid Cryns, along with, Hannah McNamara (founder of Yoga Yurt), and Naty Howard (founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine), have co-created the SOUL DREAM COLLECTIVE as a platform for their combined Sacred Ecology teachings.  As a local healing community collective in Uxbridge (Toronto GTA), Ontario, Canada, we are a healing web weaving itself for the benefit of all beings, based on the sacred ecology/earth wisdom teaching, of living in reciprocity and in reverent relationship with our selves and the earth….CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Individual & Couples Therapy
Process Groups

Reciprocal, Regenerative and Resilient

Wild Earth Wisdom is also about how we can achieve a more Reciprocal, Regenerative and Resilient way of living our lives. We evolve and shift our consciousness into an integrated, heart-centered and Earth-respecting relationship:

We can learn how to become more inclusive and reciprocal by developing simple and more effective communication practices. Through understanding your authentic self and learning how to not project your unconscious negativity onto others, we become more effective relationally and are able to practice self-responsibility to respond appropriately and not reactively with blaming and conflict.

We can learn to live more regeneratively by learning and practicing increasing levels of deep ecology self-sufficient living skills that include food security, natural building and renovation skills.

We can achieve more resilience by preparing our bodies, minds and the ways we live to be adaptable and flexible to any unexpected world shifts anticipating increasing Climate crises events and how that may affect us locally.

Through individual and relational work, alternative ways of perceiving yourself and approaching life are grown and established.  Begin with an individual session or try out a workshop. This is the path of The Sacred Ecology Living Way. It begins with the choice to change yourself.  An intention is begun. Curiosity is where questions begin to develop a direction of a new quest. It is a path of radical honesty and a path of authentic truths.


Founder Ingrid Cryns, offers Wild Earth Wisdom, integrated with her expertise as a Body Soul Psychotherapist in her practice, Building Soul Psychotherapy, with her background as an Eco-Architect and homesteader, co-creating with the Heart & Soul of Nature.

Events, Workshops, Process Groups and Soul Sessions and Wild Earth Wisdom Coaching are offered. We also offer inspiring and informative Wild Earth Wisdom, through Social Media, Blog postings, Podcasts, Newsletters and Books for sale.

Some events, workshops or process groups are held at the Wild Earth Wisdom Eco Farm homestead in Zephyr/Uxbridge, Ontario. Other Workshops at Yoga Yurt or the Bain Co-op in Toronto.  Coaching sessions are offered in the downtown Toronto Office, or at the Zephyr/Uxbridge Farm and by phone or Video.

Events, Workshops and Mentorship Program

Events, workshops and a unique mentorship training program are offered to teach Wild Earth Wisdom, integrating the way we live, eat & build with the land.  We do this by learning how to co-create a new, more sustainable reality though the transformation and evolution of our mental, emotional, spiritual and grounded, body wisdom awareness. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Soul Session Coaching

Earth Wisdom Soul Sessions are offered to assist those that need depth support to heal and transform core wounds into spiritual growth and Earth healing integration.  For women, men or couples that are lost, confused or in crises, this form of work will help you find the light in your darkness, transforming the broken parts into new breakthrough ways of being.

Anxiety, depression, anger, shame, feeling blocked or stuck are fundamental messages from your emotional body that there is something out of balance with how your body and mind are understanding how to navigate your life. Through learning how to connect your mind to the wisdom of your body and soul, you become more stable, calmer, joyful and more able to manifest your desires or soul purpose, in greater balance with the Earth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Wild Earth Wisdom Living Coaching

Wild Earth Wisdom Living Coaching Consultations are offered on holistic property selection, natural building design, homesteading set up and how to gently transition to a sustainable, self-sufficient life that is in balance and alignment with the Earth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE



Imagine a world where people live together in co-operative communities that are locally sourced with food, work and other services.  Where buildings are built energy efficiently, sustainably, with…