Ingrid Cryns inspires and empowers people to live eco-spiritual and soul-filled lives in alignment with a thriving and alive Earth consciousness.  
Through exploring your inner and outer sacred ecology, a wilder, intuitive and naturally holistic way of living grows. 
This way of being allows you to evolve into a deeper sensory presence and energetic coherence,  honouring reciprocal and inclusive relationships within, with others and with our beloved Earth.

Building Soul

Inner Sacred Ecology through Healing the Heart, Mind and Soul

As an Elder, Healer and Psychotherapist based in Ontario, Canada, Ingrid supports adults and couples to understand and heal the core roots of their issues.  With over 25 years of expertise in relational and shock trauma, Ingrid works with a unique blend of psychodynamic, Bioenergetic, somatic/body-based psychotherapy with transpersonal, energetic practices….CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Wild Earth Wisdom

Integrating Inner and Outer Sacred Ecology Teachings

Ingrid teaches Wild Earth Wisdom locally in the WE Yurt on the WE Farm Homsetead and globally online.  By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we can achieve a more resilient way of living. Through groups, workshops, retreats, and online teachings, we grow holistic, intuitive and more inclusive ways of approaching life..…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Wild Earth Farm

Outer Sacred Ecology through Sustainable Homesteading

As a steward of Wild Earth (WE) Farm, Ingrid has entered into a sacred partnership with the land that is about a reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving. Continously evolving our homestead of +16 acres of crop fields, forest, meadows, 2 large ponds, veggie gardens, a small orchard, and chickens. Starting June 2022 we also offer WE Farm Glamping accomodations …..CLICK HERE FOR MORE

The Way of Sacred Ecology Living

Wild Earth Wisdom

Wild Earth Wisdom is about developing indigenous ecological knowledge and skills synthesizing a number of different areas and growing grass-roots movements such as mindfullness, body presencing awareness, eco-psychology, wilderness therapy, deep green ecology principles with organic homesteading and ancient wisdom practices.

The Way of Sacred Ecology is about creating resilient and adaptable communities living in ecological balance, honouring the diversity of all our relationships in how deeply inter-connected we are with the Earth and it’s ecological regenerative aliveness.

We offer unique experiences integrating body, mind and soul, healing collective and generational traumas that is directly related to what is needed to heal the Earth. 

We blend transpersonal awareness with body consciousness healing work, practicing ceremony and rituals from our ancestral and native indigenous wisdom practices, with essential homesteading principles including permaculture, biodynamic gardening and natural biodegradable building systems.

It synthesizes a sense of an embodied eco-spirituality with a heightened awareness of subtle energy communication, developing individual and communities with deeper, calming, grounding and emanating presence.

Wild Earth Wisdom is about the maturing of an evolving sense of self that nourishes the creative, joyous and ecstatic wilderness in our hearts, minds and bodies.