Wild Earth Wisdom is about how we need to learn to live on Earth in a holistic balance that includes a sacred relationship with Nature. 

 By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with Nature.

This requires a commitment to evolve our own body/mind/soul relationships within ourselves and with each other, through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development work.

This also requires learning how to live sustainably on the land in new forms with healthy, non-toxic and deep ecological practices such building locally & more natural or learning how to grow as much of our own food as possible.

Wild Earth Wisdom inspires and empowers people to live healthier and soul-filled lives in alignment with a conscious and thriving Earth. We do this by teaching eco-centric ways of being in co-creative relationships of both giving and receiving sustainably.

Created out of the synthesis of her expertise in Natural Building Design through her past architectural practice, soma earth, and her Body Soul Psychotherapy Healing practice, Building Soul, into a new form of work called Wild Earth Wisdom.

We are here to guide you to learn how to attune your mind, body and soul to be able to hear, interpret and live with the wisdom of the Earth’s teachings.

Wild Earth Wisdom is about how we can achieve a more Reciprocal, Regenerative and Resilient way of living our lives. 

We evolve and shift our consciousness into an integrated, heart-centered and Earth-respecting relationship:

We can learn how to become more inclusive and reciprocal by developing simple and more effective communication practices. Through understanding your authentic self and learning how to not project your unconscious negativity onto others, we become more effective relationally and are able to practice self-responsibility to respond appropriately and not reactively with blaming and conflict.

We can learn to live more regeneratively by learning and practicing increasing levels of deep ecology self-sufficient living skills that include food security, natural building and renovation skills.

We can achieve more resilience by preparing our bodies, minds and the ways we live to be adaptable and flexible to any unexpected world shifts anticipating increasing Climate crises events and how that may affect us locally.

Through individual and relational work, alternative ways of perceiving yourself and approaching life are grown and established.  Begin with an individual session or try out a workshop. This is the path of The Sacred Ecology Living Way. It begins with the choice to change yourself.  An intention is begun. Curiosity is where questions begin to develop a direction of a new quest. It is a path of radical honesty and a path of authentic truths.