The intention of Sacred Ecology work is to teach people 
how to re-claim their own wild inner and outer ecological way of being. 
To live and build with the deep inclusivitiy of each other within a deeper ecology awareness. 


Imagine a world where people live together in co-operative communities that are locally sourced with food, work and other services. Where buildings are built energy efficiently, sustainably, with local, natural materials such as wood, earth and straw or with recycled materials. Where people enter into sacred relationships with the landscapes around them and honour the gifts of abundance that the Earth offers in ways that do not abuse or over use the natural balance of local micro systems.

Individual homeowners have their own vegetable gardens and attached greenhouses or community gardens and greenhouses in higher density communities. Cold cellars, small scale livestock and regenerative living skills are continuously developing. Living simply is cultivated, creativity is a high priority and socializing to develop local relationships and support is encouraged.

Why are we not living already like this?

We did in the past and then technology and the innovations of the 21st Century came along. With the increase of machines to ease our live, it also speeded up our lives. We began to separate from ourselves and the deeper respect of the Earth’s needs and balance. We lost our eco-awareness as it was not integrated into the psyche as something that was delicate, limited or that it could be lost.

Now it is becoming increasingly clear that there is something seriously out of balance with our precious Earth. Weather is consistently erratic, volatile and more intense. As the ozone layers are thinning, the Earth’s surface temperature is slowly increasing and with every degree, precipitation increases with destructive storms, hurricanes, tornados and more. Economies are becoming unstable in developed countries, wars continue to erupt with progressively more crazy reasons and destructiveness. It feels like very little is safe or stable anymore. We are living in a fluid reality of a constant state of change.  

We need to learn how to change our consumerist lifestyles and re-educate ourselves with what our genuine needs really are. We need to deepen our relationships within ourselves to hear our own authentic soul’s calling, so that we can also re-connect with the Earth’s soul that is calling us now in deep pain and crises.

To do this, we need to choose to change.
Become more pro-active before it’s too late.We need to train and re-claim the Wild Earth Wisdom in our own body, mind and soul’s.
We need to spend time to live slow, listen deeply and act with integrity with each other and in how we live on our beloved planet.
By learning how to live with increasing inclusivness and recipocity to give back as much as we take from the Earth, we can learn how to live in greater balance on the Earth with her inherent and profound wisdom.
We all need to become Wild Earth Wisdom activists!