Building Soul is a way of healing the separation of your body and mind by listening deeply, with you, to the messages of your heart, your body, your soul and your unconscious self. Through gently guided feedback, intuitive whispers, or vibrational energy healing work, you will expand in your personal intimacy with your true soul self and your own authentic body mind soul wisdom. You will become more grounded in who you are and your inter-relationships with others, including Nature & the Earth. Your words and actions will become more congruent, you will find greater peace, kindness and acceptance with your sense of self and your ability to manifest your heart’s greatest desires will increase.

Building SOUL is the body, mind, healing & psychotherapy practice of Ingrid Cryns, BES, B Arch, CBT.

Body Soul Psychotherapy is offered to assist those that need depth support to heal and transform core wounds from distorted developmental upbringing, dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy attachments or abuse. For women, men or couples that are lost, confused or in crises, this form of work will help you find the light in your darkness, transforming the broken parts into new ways of being.

Anxiety, depression, anger, shame, feeling blocked or stuck are fundamental messages from your emotional body that there is something out of balance with how your body and mind are understanding how to navigate your life. Through learning how to connect your mind to the wisdom of your body and soul, you become more stable, calmer, joyful and more able to manifest your desires or soul purpose, in greater balance with the Earth.

Who and what really are you? Are you who you ‘think’ you are? Do you know that the unconscious belief systems that you learned as you grew up can be ruling your life in ways that can sabotage or block your greatest desires, success or even abundance?

You can grow up with a confused, toxic, disorganized, or conflicting attachment to your mother or father and not even be aware of it. You could have been abandoned or neglected, but you didn’t know as that was what was ‘normal’ for you. Or you know that something traumatic happened in your past, but you have put that in a dark closet and closed it behind you, bravely tying to move on.

You might Suppress, Ignore, Deny, Avoid, Forget, Block your past or just plain don’t remember anything!

But you notice how something isn’t quite right in your intimate relationships. Or your work patterns are unstable and soul un-satisfying. You have dreams but for some reason, you can never actually manifest them. Or perhaps your body is experiencing an illness that is a somatic (body) response to an emotional past that is the core root of your soul wound.

Your relationship with your body and mind is also about understanding your life force energy and how your own energetic Soul is an essential aspect that is part of who you are. Like an Architect, by consciously building your own ‘inner home’, not only can you heal yourself by re-creating your life with what you want in it, but in the process you can re-claim a more direct relationship with your own Soul!