Ecstatic Trance Postures | Shamanic Visioning Journey


November 4, 2023    
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Zephyr, Uxbridge, Ontario, L0E 1T0

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Ecstatic Trance Postures

Shamanic Visioning Journey

We have been offering these inspiring WE Wisdom events last Spring.  Took a summer break to manage the farm better, and we are now offering them again this Fall, once a month, starting Saturday, September 9!

Experiencing this amazing body of work is like nothing else you might have explored.  It’s like taking an Ayahuasca journey, without the physical plant medicine.  You are invited, through a very specific body posture, into a shamanic journey of a particular ‘realm‘ in what is called, The Alternate Reality.

We can explore over 75 different ‘Alternate realms‘, together.  The more people who come, the larger the group, the stronger the experiences are due to the resonance of more bodies amplifying the experience for everyone!  There can be a wide range of receiving the journey: through entirely body sensation/kinesthetic experiences, or through ‘seeing’ a vision or story, or through ‘hearing’ a message. Sometimes, you can experience even the sense of smell!  Ask me about my very first experience when I was introduced to this work over 25 years ago, and how I smelled the iron in the blood that I was tasting!

Specific body postures reappear in the art and artifacts of world cultures, even those widely separated by time and distance. What are these images of unusual postures telling us?

Anthropologist Felicitas Goodman discovered that people who assume these postures while in trance report strikingly similar meditative experiences. The results from this research are astonishing, proving that certain body gestures and movements, when properly worked with, actually trigger us into accessing altered states of consciousness.

Ecstatic Body Postures is for anyone interested in meditation, shamanic practice, yoga, and bodywork.

There are over 75 known postures that allow unique explorations of the world of the Spirits.  Posture groups as labeled by Dr. Goodman are dedicated each to:

Healing, Divination, Metamorphosis, Spirit Journeys, Initiation: Death and Rebirth, Living Myths (witness an event or person’s activities from a different time or culture), and Celebration (done by a group at the initiation of a team project).

Different from meditation, which puts people into an alpha state, Ecstatic Body Postures produce the ultra-slow theta waves. In Dr. Goodman’s book “Where the Spirits Ride the Wind,” physical studies indicated blood serum drops in the stress compounds of adrenaline, noradrenalin, and cortisol. Simultaneously, the brain started synthesizing beta-endorphin, the body’s natural miracle pain killer, also responsible for the intense joy after a trance. All postures showed these affects. Accompaniment of audible beats at 200-210 per minute shuts off the left side of the brain, thus allowing an ecstatic trance to occur. This enables contact with the alternate, the sacred.

Based on the work of founder Felicitas Goodman, author of Where the Spirits Ride the Wind, participants will be introduced to ritual body postures and their use in establishing ecstatic trance, healing, divination and spiritual journey through experiencing 1 or 2 postures (depending on the time allocated), with a sharing and discussion about what was experienced and learned as a group afterwards.

I love doing this work!  I simply hold Sacred Space and a simple structure to go into a 15 min. trance state, and the experience of this work, becomes the teaching.  For all of us.

My intent in holding these events, is to create a core group, willing to go deeper with the work and co-create specific group healing intentions for the greater good of us all.

This Event is Hosted by Ingrid Cryns. For more info about Ingrid, see her Bio here at: About Ingrid Cryns – Ingrid Cryns

Event registration ends on June 1.  Please contact us directly at 866-888-7662 or if you are still interested in attending after that date.  We reserve the right to cancel the event if less than 3 people register.

The minimum fee is $25.  Optional Fee’s are $35/$45/$55

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Ecstatic Trance Postures Circle