November 16, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

WE Wisdom | Inner and Outer Resiliency:

Thriving in These Crazy Times!



Are you feeling exhausted, alone and isolated in a world that is disintegrating around you?

Come Home to yourself to a new paradigm of abundant thriving by discovering new ways of resilient, joyful living, in community.


Following the Sacred Ecology of WILD EARTH Wisdom principles of the 3 R’s: Regenerative, Reciprocal and Resiliency, we can nourish ourselves, attracting a new tribe or community to flourish in a world that no longer makes any sense!


Join this 60-Minute Inner and Outer Resiliency: Thriving in These Crazy Times! Workshop



In this workshop, you will:


Hear my powerful story about how I manifested my dream retreat property and local tribe, after living on the poverty line for 10 years!


Learn a unique philosophy of how to live in a way that profoundly shifts what you are attracting.

Thriving in a chaotic world that makes-no-sense, is about opening yourself up to grow a more connected, meaningful and balanced, Inner & Outer Resilient Life.

It changes your vibrational resonance and allows you to manifest an increasing resiliency that slowly transforms obstacles, past traumas, or illnesses into new potentials. 


You will experience a profound new understanding of how learning simple Inner Resiliency practices allows you to evolve your mind & body’s emotional energy wisdom.


You will learn the basic essentials of Outer Resiliency…..what living on a homestead is all about and what is involved in creating your own unique dream vision!

This workshop will invite you to grow into greater alignment with essential regenerative and reciprocal living principles, attracting a more joyful, thriving, loving, abundant and resilient life!



Thriving in a chaotic world that makes no sense is about opening yourself up to new possibilities of approaching how to live an Inner & Outer Resilient life.


Inner Resiliency is about learning the essential tools of how to work with your body, mind and soul to shift your magnetic attracting resonance of the kind of life that you would like to create for yourself. We do this by developing presence, healthy communication flow, mapping out your emotional history patterns, body sensation feelings, learning self-responsibility, and becoming responsive rather than reactive, peaceful rather than angry, joyful rather than depressed. Resiliency is about how we can thrive with an increasingly positive vibration and effortlessly attract what nourishes us and offers abundance on many levels.

Outer Resiliency is developing our Inner Resiliency as a base of how we connect within ourselves, with each other, and with Nature.  It is also about developing basic skills of Sacred Ecology Living in a reciprocal relationship that also includes how we relate to each other and inspire an intimate community to develop around us that is supportive and authentic in its relational capacity to feel deep belonging, love and caring with each other.



You will discover a profound new understanding that evolves your mind & body’s emotional energy wisdom.

A doorway opens to new possibilities of creating your life within a paradigm that is in alignment with essential regenerative and reciprocal living principles. 

This will allow you to attract a more joyful, thriving, loving, abundant and resilient life!


 Sign up today and discover what you can do to begin your homesteading lifestyle!



 November 16, 2023 @ 12 pm


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Ingrid Cryns offers over 20 years of expertise as a Registered Psychotherapist, Bioenergetic Analyst and energy sound healer, with her background as a Retired Eco Architect specialized in strawbale building and design, with her lifestyle as a passionate Homesteader.

Her emerging work through Wild Earth Wisdom, offers events, teachings, and personal coaching on all aspects of Sacred Ecology Living on her farm property in Zephyr/Uxbridge and in the WE Wisdom Yurt.



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