Soul Integration: Healing Your Wild Earth Wisdom

Soul Integration: Healing Your Wild Earth Wisdom

The Earth is an alive and animate organism. She has a form of consciousness that exists as an inter-dependent aspect of the beings that inhabits it’s geography. Some people call her Gaia, other’s Sophia.  Sophia-Gaia is considered as the embodied wisdom of the Earth. She has a feminine quality due to her dense mass and round, spherical shape.  Her giving essence is a part of her soul and the souls of human beings who live on the Earth are collectively an integral part of the Earth’s soul as well.

Mother Earth Gai by Pearl Whitecrow
Mother Earth Gaia

by Pearl Whitecrow

The work of Wild Earth Wisdom is to guide human beings in how to transition back into an intimate and connected relationship with the Earth in how they live, communicate, build and inhabit with her. In doing so, they re-connect their soul back in alignment with the Earth’s Soul of Sophia-Gaia and the Earth regains her health, balance and equilibrium throughout her whole being within the cosmos.

Wild Earth Wisdom is essentially about how we need to learn to live on our beloved Earth in a holistic balance that includes a sacred relationship with Nature.  By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with the feminine principle of Sophia-Gaia.  This requires a commitment to evolve our own body/mind/soul relationships within ourselves and with each other, through physical, emotional and spiritual development work. This also requires learning how to live sustainably on the land in new forms with healthy, non-toxic and ecological practices as well as growing our own food as much as possible. The invisible emotional and spiritual development work goes hand in hand with the physical living and building work.

Through Wild Earth Wisdom, Ingrid Cryns, offers events, workshops and a unique Mentorship Program, Earth Wisdom Coaching, Wild Earth Wisdom Integration Sessions & Body Soul Psychotherapy.  We teach new ways that integrates the way we live on the land with how we perceive reality though our intellectual, emotional, spiritual and body awareness. We also offer inspiring and informative Wild Earth Wisdom WISDOM, through Social Media, Blog postings, Newsletters and Books for sale.

Wild Earth Wisdom has an educational mandate to help guide the Earth’s inhabitants to live in better and healthier ways on the Earth that is a co-creative relationship of both giving and receiving.

All events and workshops are held at the Wild Earth Wisdom SANCTUARY Farm homestead in Zephyr/Uxbridge, Ontario (1 hour drive, northeast of Toronto) or Toronto. Earth Wisdom Coaching, Wild Earth Wisdom Integration Sessions & Body Soul Psychotherapy are offered in the downtown Toronto Office, at the Uxbridge Farm and by phone or Skype.


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