The earth, our beloved Gaia, is a living and breathing being that we live on and with, that is shifting and changing constantly. Gaia is unable to hold her own balance in how we, as a collective human family, are constantly raping her and selling her off to one another as if we have the right to own and plunder her without any thought of the long term consequences. She is very uncomfortable. Her resources are limited. At the rate of our current consumption, we may run out of her resources in the next 30 – 50 years! The earth is out of balance: Are you too? That will force a dramatic change in our lifestyles, sooner than many of us can imagine.

Do you have fears about the stability and promise of the future?

Do you wonder how you can move forward with so much uncertainty, chaos and change going on at such rapid rates that you feel like you are spinning out of control on some days?

Do you find yourself going about your day in a bit of a panic, trying to do too many things and when the day ends you realized you forgot to do something really important – again!?

Well, you aren’t alone. The Earth, Gaia, feels the same way too!

Gaia is becoming more and more highly volatile, physically & emotionally! Her weather patterns and earth shifts continue to be erratic, quick and intense. Her vibrational frequencies are increasing – becoming higher – trying to regain balance again and again, also shifting herself – and us – into a new dimension of being. She is transforming and changing. And with her, we are too!

What does this mean to us? It means, it is becoming harder for us humans, to hold our ground, to feel our peace and calm, to feel stable emotionally and to make healthy choices that empower us to live in balance and harmony – with all that is. It also means that we need to let go of what no longer serves us, personally and collectively, to live a life that is lighter and more grounded! It feels like a bit of a paradox. We need to shift & heal our dark, past, emotional baggage, how we grew up thinking how to live that was based on our recent past patterns, as well as restructure our dysfunctional, co-dependent, more physical ways of living!

With the growing frequencies occurring, we are seduced into more complex systems and ways of living. It may appear simpler, easier or more efficient on the surface, but we can’t fully grasp the layers of multiple levels of meanings and trade-offs that happens with many of our daily choices – again, both physically as well as emotionally. We become more un-grounded, more anxious, more irritable, argumentative and less able to cope in ways that are thoughtful, considered or respectful.

How do we get off this speeding train that has an inevitable end of a giant crash that we can see, but can’t seem to stop our daily habits to change?

We need to wake up and pay attention to the broader context of where we are in the global picture and find out how to change ourselves as well as co-create more resilient, local micro-communities that can withstand the future changes that are coming – no matter how much we might want to deny or pretend it isn’t really happening.

Gaia is calling us! She is asking us to come back and re-connect with her in deeper ways that follows the roots of our true interconnectedness with all of life on the planet. We have abandoned her long ago, in our left brain, masculine ego dominance. Our collective feminine nature that has been repressed and denied is now emerging into a growing, grassroots patches of deep insights that allow the wisdom of making a commitment to be more eco-living as the new loving reality.

Deep ecology living is the new way to thrive!

It is an ethical choice that each individual can make to re-claim their personal reconnection to the heart of nature and change themselves to learn how to live in ways that respects the balance and health of the earth in every action and way of being.

It takes time to learn this and more time to make the changes to live in ways that are not about the bottom line of the cheapest way to live the most luxurious lifestyle. Life can be simpler and easier. And life can be richer in ways that are not about more material possessions from a country far away that undervalues its labour.

Find out how you can change your perception’s so that you too, can become an ‘earth-centred’ human being that chooses to walk the path of eco-integrity. We don’t have much time left, and the more pro-active you are, the more resilient you can become sooner.

It’s a choice. A personal choice to become aligned, connected and heart-ful in your ability to hear and respond to the earth’s painful imbalances calling you to respond in relationship to her. Gaia needs you. She always did. Can you hear her?