October 19, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Zephyr, Uxbridge, Ontario, L0E 1T0

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Outer Resiliency | Wild Earth Homesteading Introduction

The path to a Self-Sufficient Way of Life

Release yourself from the modern-day dependencies that hold you hostage. We’re depleting the earth’s natural resources, polluting the planet, and the financial and social systems are crumbling. 


It’s time to join the Self-Sufficiency Revolution!


WE Wisdom Homesteading is for you if:

  • you’re realizing that there are some big changes and risks happening in the world today and you want to be protected and find or create a community to support you
  • you know that you need to make changes, but you’re not sure where to start
  • you are aware that the ‘systems’ are falling apart, are becoming more eco-conscious and would like to be living closer to the land, perhaps also with a smaller carbon footprint

WE Wisdom Homesteading can help you:

  • get unstuck and moving toward a better balanced, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle
  • understand how your values and needs can inform your unique vision
  • open up options and possibilities that you didn’t know you had
  • connect with like-minded sustainability-seekers just like you
  • build a self-sufficient living plan that is personalized to your own goals, budgets and timelines

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Do You Have a Plan?

Are you concerned about:

  • rising food prices
  • volatile financial economy
  • extreme weather patterns
  • limited energy resources (peak oil crisis)

There’s a better way!

  1. Creative ways to grow your own food
  2. Multiple alternative low-energy options
  3. Follow the deep wisdom of nature
  4. Reclaim homesteading skills

Join us to explore your Self-Sufficient Living plan with Wild Earth Guide, Ingrid Cryns, who will walk the journey with you!