Imagine a world where people live together in co-operative communities that are locally sourced with food, work and other services. Where buildings are built energy efficiently, sustainably, with local, natural materials such as wood, earth and straw or with recycled materials. Where people enter into sacred relationships with the landscapes around them and honour the […]

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The Earth Is Out Of Balance: Are you too?

The earth, our beloved Gaia, is a living and breathing being that we live on and with, that is shifting and changing constantly. Gaia is unable to hold her own balance in how we, as a collective human family, are constantly raping her and selling her off to one another as if we have the right to own and plunder her without any thought of the long term consequences. She is very uncomfortable. Her resources are limited. At the rate of our current consumption, we may run out of her resources in the next 30 – 50 years! The earth is out of balance: Are you too?

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Homesteading for Retirement

Our retirement plan is to create a homestead that is low impact, low carbon footprint and self-sufficient in terms of food, electrical and heating energies and that has a low to zero mortgage within the next 5 years when we are in our early 60’s. Our need for income will be less in terms of paying our monthly expenses and our enjoyment and value of our property will increase each year as it becomes more efficient in how we plan and actualize it.

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